Riikka Lenkkeri



Lenkkeri's works can be linked to the tradition of realism. She delves into the unbeautified depiction of the ordinary and chooses as motifs those that are familiar to us all but absent from everyday imagery. As a counterweight to everyday identifiability, the lush layers of paint, the bodies pressing themselves heavily into their beds and the twisting bedcovers are also reminiscent of Renaissance or Baroque painting.

Lenkkeri has a wide knowledge of the tradition of the art of painting. She spent almost the entire 1990s in Italy, and the art she has seen and internalised there adds its own element to her works. Lenkkeri applies modern techniques and makes use of different styles and ways of presentation. A sense of physicality and weight, together with the colour that pushes into the foreground or withdraws into the background, forms the foundation of Lenkkeri's composition.

Laura Kuurne



Sleeping couple, oil and acrylic on canvas, 220 x 150 cm, 2018, photo Malla Hukkanen

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